is a cross-platform high level 3D graphics library which offers binary and source level compatibility with Apple’s QuickDraw 3D API. Supports retained and immediate mode rendering, an extensible file format, plug-in renderers, a wide range of high level geometries, hierarchical models, and a consistent and object-orientated API.


short for 3D metafile, is Quesa’s cross-platform file format.



MacTech (1997-2000, 2003)

develop (1995-1997)

Apple (1997-1999)

Technote (1998)

iDevGames (2001, 2003)

REALbasic developer (2002-2006)

BYTE (1996)

Quesa/QD3D programming


3DMF Converter

Modeling with 3DMF export

Scientific modeling with 3DMF export

More 3DMF export

3DMF Viewer


Plug-ins (Mac Classic only)

  • Whirlplug/BeWhurled (Apple): Netscape (free; 3DMF in; MacCl)
  • Callisto (Kas Thomas): Photoshop (3DMF in/out; MacCl)
  • Quick3D (Plastic Thought): Netscape (free; 3DMF in; MacCl, Win)
  • QuickSpace (Plastic Thought): Photoshop (free; 3DMF in; MacCl, Win)
  • Vertigo 3D Words: Illustrator - create 3D text (MacCl, Win)
  • Vertigo Dizzy: Photoshop/Illustrator - add 3D models (3DMF in; MacCl)
  • Vertigo Hot Text: Photoshop - create 3D text (MacCl, Win)
  • Vertigo Quickspace: Photoshop - add 3D models (3DMF in; MacCl, Win)

Plug-in renderers

  • Rayshade (Quesa): Raytraycing (Mac, Win)
  • FineArt 3D (Inklination): Pen and ink illustrations (MacCl)
  • Microspot Renderer: Raytraycing (MacCl)

3DMF files

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