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is a scriptable 3D Metafile (3DMF) viewer with many navigation (and some editing and animation) features; available in English, French, and German.

Geo3D’s features include:

  • || Flexible mouse and keyboard navigation through and around the models with many configuration options
  • || Open and save 3DMF files (3D Metafile)
  • || VRML and 3DS import; support for plug-in importers (Mac OS X only)
  • || Preview 3DMF textures
  • || Export 2D images and animation sequences in PICT format at the resolution you choose (Geo3D 2.5 also supports JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and Photoshop)
  • || Automatic model rotation
  • || Various standard camera positions
  • || Individual viewpoints
  • || Interpolated transitions between viewpoints, standard camera positions, etc.
  • || Record and render navigation paths; export as animation sequence
  • || Various configuration options for lighting, renderer, fog, etc.
  • || Add URL addresses, including descriptions, to objects, providing a direct connection to additional information
  • || Selective representation of individual model domains
  • || Coordinate value extraction and range finding
  • || Fade and shift semitransparent planes and axes
  • || Combine multiple 3DMF files
  • || Support for 3D accelerator hardware, and plug-in renderer.
  • || Partly scriptable and recordable using AppleScript
  • || Full screen rendering
  • || Languages: English, French and German


Geo3D 2.5 (Mac OS X) requires Mac OS X 10.2, 10.3, 10.4, 10.5, or 10.6. Geo3D is a PowerPC application and requires Rosetta to run on Intel machines.

Geo3D 2.5 (Mac OS 9) requires Mac OS 9 or later, QuickDraw 3D 1.6, and QuickTime 4 or later.

Geo3D 2.1 requires a PowerPC (PPC) based Mac with Mac OS 7.5.1 or later, QuickDraw 3D 1.5.4 or later, and QuickTime 3 or later. Mac OS 7 additionally requires Appearance 1.0.3 or later. Required for some features are Internet Config 2.0 or later (for Mac OS 8.1 and earlier only), and QuickDraw 3D 1.6.


Other than the requirements mentioned above, no special installation is required. Just decompress the archive, and launch Geo3D.
Geo3D will open a prefences file in the same folder as itself before looking in the Preferences folder for one. Deleting this file has no effect other than restoring factory defaults.

More infos

Geo3D help in German, English (parts are still under construction), and French (out-dated but still useful).

Huber, Stefan (1999/2000): Geo3D: Interaktive 3-D-Visualisierung. Geoprocessing Series, Vol. 36, Department of Geography, University of Zurich.


Special thanks to Martin Heller (Toporobot). Thanks to Bernard Ournié for the French version of Geo3D.